Inevitable 19.

In a few hours, my life is gonna take another turn.Expected,yet unwanted.A turn I have never appreciated in the last 18 years.And one I don’t think I ever would.It’s inevitable, yet dreaded.I have no particular reason why I don’t want this.No reason.Period.
It’s something everybody is excited about,at some point of time or the other.It signifies another long year spent.It signifies another 52 weeks’ worth of memories collected.It signifies another 364 days gained.It signifies growth.It signifies stuff I have no care about.It is significant.I can see the significance, don’t get me wrong.I just don’t care for it,I guess.
I don’t like birthdays.I don’t like the idea of growing up.I don’t like the thought of getting close to the time when I would be totally on my own.
                     I don’t like my birthday.
I just don’t.But as I said,inevitable.*sighs*
So,yes,I am gonna be 19.I am gonna be another year older.I am gonna grow up.*cynic face*



28 thoughts on “Inevitable 19.

  1. Hey happy birthday in Advanced, I hope you get all those Significant thing or situations you desired, well… You wouldn’t post this if you don’t like your birthday😜😜😜… Have fun…

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  2. Hey belated happy getting old, saying so because you do like growing up. I agree to your thoughts but i would rather se if its a birthday means again a boom to live for yourself, that i guess something for own 🙂

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