Guns and Bushes.

Blood on the bushes.

She huddled in the corner with her knees pressed tightly to her chest.He was coming.She knew he was.He always did.Every single freaking night.And she was the helpless “damsel” who could do nothing.It had been like that for the past 2 years. He came to her.She couldn’t do anything.He tortured her.He hurt her.He made her life a living hell.
It had all started 2 years ago.She had no idea how it all had started.No,that’s a lie.She knew exactly how it all had started.It had been that unfortunate night at the park. That black black night.The dead silence.The gloomy,terrifying atmosphere.She had seen it all play out in front of her eyes.She had seen it all.The way she had pushed him away.The way he had pulled the gun out.Her own gasp.The pressing of the trigger,a millimeter a second.Her trying to take the gun.The ringing of the shot.The lady’s pained gasp.Her screaming.The man turning towards her.Seeing her hiding in the bushes. The shooting behind her.Her running.The arrival of police.His capturing.His crazed eyes following her as she gave her statement.The unspoken promise in them.The pain that ensued…
She gasped.Someone was coming up the stairs.Moving past the bathroom.Proceeding towards her door.The shadow under her door.He was here.He was here to kill her.Like the nightmares. Just like the nightmares.Every single night he featured in her nightmares and it ended with her blood splayed on her walls. Every damn night.She opened her mouth to scream.She stopped. No.She was gonna fight back.She didn’t stop the tears from flowing down her cheeks.The lock slid open.Her door opened slowly.She held onto the hockey stick lying beside her.She raised it above her head. “Pumpkin”,she heard.He was here. Her brother. He was here.Finally.She sagged against the wall and started wailing.He would save her.He saw her huddled in the corner and rushed to her. Taking her in his arms he reassured her. He would protect her.He reassured her that that monster was in the jail.He wasn’t coming out. She was safe.She believed him. Finally. After 2 long years filled with reassurances by every other person who knew her,she finally believed that she was safe.She was going to be.Her brother was here.Her crying abated.That night she asked her brother to hold her while she slept.For the first time in two long years,she slept peacefully.She didn’t see the blood.She didn’t see the gun.She didn’t see him.She didn’t have the nightmares.



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