The wings spread wide
Taking her to the heights
The angelic smile
Lighting up the sky
The sound of her laughter
In the wake of disaster
Is the ray of hope
Required to cope
The beauty of it all
Mesmerizes all.

I know,L-A-M-E.but I just felt like it at the moment.So,here’s this.-.-



51 thoughts on “Angelica

      1. Hahah, no its short and sweet! And beautiful.
        Lol, I know how it feels, though. I feel the post I’d written yesterday is stupid. 😛 I was feeling lame while writing it, but I somehow managed to give a decent end to it.
        And now I feel why did I even post it? 😛

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      1. Well as I said you are your biggest critic and you have a lot inside of you that makes you feel it is lame. Its nice for now though, forget the lame part and keep it rolling, let’s see what you have got next.

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  1. Oh gosh. Just the words I needed today somehow. I too think my art is lame sometimes and I have noticed that the paintings I think the lowest of is the one people like the most. Its funny how that insecurity can be so wrong. Keep it up! ♡

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