That crooked smile.

Stuff of nightmares.

She was supposed to be dead.DEAD.She wasn’t supposed to be roaming free in the streets as if she didn’t have a care in the world.That’s what they had told her.She had, supposedly, died in that gruesome car accident.She wasn’t supposed to be living a normal life.She wasn’t supposed to be alive.Period.Why was she here?WHY?!!
She had featured in every single freaking nightmare she has had in the last six months. She had made her days hell when she had been living with her.And when she died?Her nights became their own dose of torture.The blood.The gore.The reds,and blacks.The huge fish eyes.That terrifying laughter.Those hands moving towards her throat.The crooked teeth.The grabbing,and then squeezing.The choking.The breathlessness.The blacking out.The oblivion…She could never attain that oblivion. That witch ensured that.She always had to spare her a second before that sweet nothingness.She didn’t kill her like everybody else.She had spared her to re-live the nightmares every single second of her life.She had wanted to kill her.Oh how she had wanted that.But she had “died” in the car accident.She had died.I will return,she had said.
She gasped,remembering where she was.She looked around for her.She wasn’t there.She became frantic.Where did she go?Where the hell was she?!!She started running.She wanted to get away.Maybe it was all an illusion.She had died that night.She couldn’t possibly be alive.It was all her imagination.It had to be.She stopped,taking deep breaths.She closed her eyes and counted to ten.She wouldn’t panic on the damn street.Yes,she was fine.She was going to be just fine.She smiled.No one was out there. No one was after her.She opened her eyes and looked around.Dusk had fallen. No one was around.She turned back and was met with the huge huge fish eyes staring back,the crooked smile directed at her.She screamed.



29 thoughts on “That crooked smile.

      1. Umm…I am kinda confused right now.First I have to decide what to do for my PG. I might go with Masters in Economics or MBA.Then only will I know for sure, what I want to do with my life.
        *sighs*confused, aren’t I?

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