3 more!:*

WARNING:This is gonna be a looong post.3 Leibsters to graciously accept,afterall.:P
Okay,okay.I have procrastinated enough.It’s been over a month since I was nominated for these.But the exams!I had to put almost everything at a stand still.Well,now I cannot delay it anymore.It’s been too long already.So,here is my acceptance of the awards I was so generously nominated for.:P
Thank you so much,people!You all are fabulous.Like totally, amazingly,fantabulously.:P
I was nominated for the Leibster by Sasha
Suchie and Bhanu.
THEY ALL ARE AWESOME.Like seriously.Do visit their sites.Without FAIL.You won’t be disappointed, I promise.You would be thanking me,instead.:D

So here are my answers to Sasha’s questions:

#Why did you start blogging?
I started Wanderingviolet at a whim.A roomie of mine suggested I should start a blog.So,I did.(Even though I don’t listen to others that easily,I am glad I did for once:P)For more information about the catastrophe that is WV,visit my first post,I am lost,and my about page,ofcourse.
#What was the best time in your life?
The best,you ask?Gimme a good novel,my comfortable bed and my family around.Then everytime is the best time.:D
#What would you do if you’re the only fellow left on earth?
I would raid all the chocolate factories,my favorite apparel showrooms,the high heel heaven,and the awesomest book stores,ofcourse.I would roam around for a bit getting fat and getting blisters,and then go jump in a river,because I can’t live without my family for long.So,that’s about it.:P
I am 100% serious.No kidding.*Nods with a serious expression*

Heaven!:D I found this on some DIY app,I guess.

#Advice you would give to new bloggers.
Tag your posts really well.Now that I come to think of it,that’s the only advice I have been giving to all the new bloggers forever.:/
Damn,I need to work on my advice-giving skills.-.-
#What kind of person are you?
Umm…I dunno.The bitchy-at-times kind?The “arrogant” kind?The rude kind?The one with a huge butt kind?What?
I agree to all of these.Arrogant?I dunno about that.But I got that a few times.Behind my back,ofcourse.:|
#Do you believe in true love?
I don’t believe in love, true or whatever.
#What do you love doing the most?
Sleeping.And reading.And eating.Lol that’s quite a few.😌
#Who is your favorite professional writer?
#What is your biggest fear?
*The bravest voice that can be mustered*I am not afraid of anything.I am strong.
#Feedback for my blog, please?
I am so not good at giving feedbacks.So you would have to rely on your other readers for that.
God!I suck.😷

And Suchie’s:

#Are you a morning person?
*Gasps*How could you even ask me that?HOW?!
#Which Internet fad,till date,do you think has been the dumbest?
#What is it that you love best about blogging?
I word-vomit.People don’t tell me to shut up.Yes,that’s what I love the most about blogging.I am so not kidding here.😶
#Your weirdest habit?
Is not wanting to share MY food with others weird?
#Are you a tea person?
Umm…no.I drink tea only when I get a severe cold.
#What’s been the most embarrassing moment in your life?:P
My whole life is one embarrassing moment.:P
Na na.I am TOTALLY serious.
#Do you like Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts better?
The Donuts are love.Other stuff?Crap.-.-

I dunno where this came from.:/

#Stupid health fads you’ve religiously followed and decided they were “meeeeh”?
I don’t follow any health fads.That’s why I gotta huge butt.HUGE.-.-
#Your favorite TV show?
I don’t stick to shows for long.Waiting for that half an hour every single day?*eyeroll*
Movies are more my thing.
#One thing you can’t leave home without?
My wits.Duh.I gotta insult so many people during that time.I gotta have my wits on me.
I am totally kidding here.I don’t go around insulting people for no reason.I am a very SWEET person. Not. But nonetheless.

And finally, Bhanu’s:

#Why blogging,how you landed up here?
I answered that a few minutes ago.^
Lazy,aren’t I?:P
#What is the brightest and darkest moments of your life?
When I have to leave my bed for anything,I feel like crying my eyes out.And they are not happy tears.-.-
And whenever I get to get into my bed…well,you see where I am going with this,don’t you?:P
#What is the one weakness you have,you are unable to remove from your life?
I am short-tempered.And unwilling to adjust easily.*sighs*I gotta work on removing these ASAP.
#What is your dream for the next five years?
#Who has been the most influential blogger you follow and why?
All the bloggers I follow are awesome in their own way.And I am not just saying that.The number of blogs I follow aren’t even in 3 digits.I must be following around 60.So,no exaggerations here.:D
#Tell something about the place you come from and how is it different from the other parts of the world?
I am from North India.And it’s a wonderful place.Need I say more?:P
Stop laughing right now…Anytime now.*eyeroll*
#Are you religious and/or superstitious?What are your beliefs?
Yes,I am.Religious as well as superstitious.I am not ashamed to admit that,like so many young people are nowadays.
#What is your favorite sports?If no sports,what do you like as your favorite hobby?
I used to love basketball.I haven’t played in the last few years.As for my all-time favorite hobby,I love/live to read.Other hobbies vary with my mood.
When mood strikes,I might make a wall collage(I have made one for the wall of my upper sitting).I think it’s fine.
I dance sometimes,but no one should be around to see me jumping like a monkey.
I sing.To myself.I am NOT a good singer.
I draw.Not much of an artist,either.
I can argue.Does that count?😶
And yes,I write.Nonsense stuff,but stuff nonetheless.
Am I even good at anything?!*exasperated*
#What is the importance of education as per you?
We all should be uneducated.What’s the use of studying huh?
I am kidding.Don’t kill me.
#How is Internet changing our lives?Do you see it as a treat?
But it’s a pain in the butt as well.:/
#What is love according to you?Is there anything like eternal love?
I don’t believe in love.At all.
The affection for family is all I term as love.

Pheww!Now I am tired.This was quite a bit, don’t you think?
Once again,thank you so much for the nomination,people!:*



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