#Diaries:Now I was free.


May 18,2015
12:05 p.m.
The bell rang, and I felt like running away from that damn place like it was on fire.It was, maybe.I wanted to get away.I wanted to just…go. Away,away from that room that had featured in my nightmares for the last fortnight.It wasn’t a necessity anymore:To stay there.I didn’t want to spend a single freaking second more than I absolutely needed to,there.It was decided.I was going home.After the nightmarish fortnight I had spent there,I wanted back.The only place that had ever felt like home was just a few hours away. Felt?It was. So I started running.And ran,and ran, and ran till I reached the place where all my belongings were.I ran to that cupboard,to that bed,to those people and frantically started throwing stuff into a duffle.Then another one.I was packed in less than a quarter of an hour.I was all set to go to the place I so desired.I bid goodbye to them all and ran down the stairs.I took a damn auto, and then the metro.And finally the bus which would lead me to my destination.Only after I had settled down in my seat did I think about anything.I had just wanted an out.I just wanted to return.
Now,sitting in the sticky vinyl seat,with odor of stale sweat,and leering faces, did I take a deep breath.The damn exams were finally over.Now I was free.

Kinda anti-climatic?:P
Thought it was fictional,or something life-altering?
Well,sorry to disappoint you,but this was my life-altering moment.Well,that’s an exaggeration, obviously.*eyeroll at the dramatic personality that is me*
It’s just that,I love my place.And my people.I wanted to return to them.So,I was exhilarated.
God, I am so weird sometimes.:P
But I love my weird,I guess.*shrugs*
That’s why I go on,and on with the weirdness that is my life.


25 thoughts on “#Diaries:Now I was free.

      1. So you think you’re sweet?*meangirls again?!*
        This is childish.-.-
        I am just gonna respond like an adult.(Which I am, according to my birth certificate,Whatevs -.-)
        So,you’re very welcome! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m 18,turning 19 in, lemme see,11 days.Yup.I am definitely an adult.*Nods*
        And I sure can meangirl you.I took a quizzie thingie about which meangirls character are you stuff, a few months back, and you know what my result was? REGINA GEORGE!Can you believe that?!
        Oopsie,wrong question.I myself proved I am actually quite close to her in some senses in the post I wrote about that quiz.
        Now I am just babbling,I guess.:/

        Liked by 1 person

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