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From me,to her.♥

She was there, when I wanted to talk.
She was there, telling me trees don’t walk.
She was there, when I lost all hope.
She was there, when I couldn’t cope.
She was there, loving me no matter what.
She was there, like an umbrella when it was
She was there, even when she was down.
She was there, when no one was around.
She was there, like a breeze when I was burning.
She was there, whenever I was hurting.
She is Love.
She is care.
She is there;
forever here.
I love her.I don’t, many.
I need her with me,no matter, any.
She is my mumma.
She is my ma.

It isn’t anything special, but it is from me,to her.She sure is special.The best mumma in the whole damn world. And I am not even exaggerating.She is the best,believe me.
And she loves unconditionally.Unconditionally. I love her.I don’t really love many people.There are a handful.Hell, I don’t even fake-say I LOVE YOU,as most people do nowadays .I don’t want to.But her,I can tell.Again and again.She is my rock,my protector,my guide,my mentor,my mumma,my ma!♥💋



74 thoughts on “From me,to her.♥

    1. Ya think?Oh I am so emotional.*sniffs**sniffs*
      Jokes apart,I am the lucky one.Whatever I said,all that is true.Literally.I didn’t say it for the sake of saying it.She is one awesome woman,and an even more wonderful mother.:’)

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      1. Wow I am so damn happy.All mothers are fabulous.They deserve to be cherished. But we don’t do it often.Hearing her say that,I think I should do this often.More than often.I haven’t talked to mumma since I wrote it,but she saw it on fb. I hope she liked it.:’)


    1. I know right?It annoys me to no end.People are throwing around I love yous like it’s no big deal.If they share a favorite artist they “love” each other.If they suffer from same problem,they “love” each other.If someone tells them they look good,they “love” each other.It is annoying.-.-

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  1. In this post I can clearly see that you are a very lovely person!Great post and you made my day!I will grab my phone and call my mom (mommy 🙂 ) hihi !Have a nice day!

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  2. This is beautiful! 🙂
    To hear more from you, I have invited you for the Free Style Writing Challenge. Go to my profile to know the details about the same. You are free to accept or reject the challenge.

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    1. Heya! THANK YOUUU SO MUCH!:*
      And exams are up,that’s what.*sighs*
      I cannot wait for them to be over.They sure are a pain in the butt.
      Just 4 more days.4 MORE.4!
      My patience is running out.:/

      My frustration sure is visible,isn’t it?

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      1. Oh yes.2 months.:D
        I do.But not the extreme times.Like nowadays.The starting of summers and the early winters:that’s what I love.So,I am not loving it so much now.-.-
        But the summer clothes?♥:D
        And the ice-creams.And the long evening walks.And yeah.Taking a bath doesn’t feel like a burden when summers approach.:P
        I am just glad I would be home by the time this heat becomes unbearable.:D

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      2. Haha I do,too,actually.But the unbearable heat in the north is intolerable.:/
        But rains.Rains I love when I can take a bath in it.The rains nowadays are not suitable for my selfish purposes.:P
        The breeze is fabulous too.
        But I hate the gloomy weather the day after,the mud pools on the roads,the dark sky.And yes,the sticky stuff,ofcourse.:P

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