Nightmares and inch long scar

She was standing at the window, staring out at the commotion.That adorable kid holding onto his mother’s hand while they crossed the road,that dog sitting at the asphalt, that vendor trying to sell off all those colorful glass bangles,that man trying to force his daughter to move away from the toy shop and follow him;that man hitting her;the little girl crying;her mother rushing to her rescue;the man glaring at her and then turning away,walking;the lady bowing her head and following her husband without a sound;the girl still crying…
Her hand went to the scar on her wrist.She started rubbing it as if the pain still remained.That inch long scar. She had kept it well hidden under those long sleeved shirts for the last three years.Her mind flashed to that dreadful night.The night that changed it all.Everything.
The ugly storm raging outside,that terrifying fight, the jagged edge of the beer bottle,those spiteful words, the accusing eyes,that slap,the glass shards flying around.
She had wanted to end it all that day.To end her pathetic existence.She had wanted it so badly,like it was her last breath.She wanted to put an end to it all.It wasn’t worth it.Nothing was.It would be better that way.It would have been.
She didn’t get a chance.That drunkard had hit her.Repeatedly.She had cried out so many times for him to stop.He didn’t listen to her once.He had kept on hitting.Her mother had intervened. He had hit her with the beer bottle. On her head.She had seen her bleed out in front of her eyes.Had seen her lifeblood flow out of the four inch cut and her eyes drained of life.She had died in an attempt to save her from the abuse. He had killed her,instead. But that wasn’t all.He had taken the broken beer bottle to her face,and in an attempt to save her,she had used her hands as cover.He had got a major vain.She had almost bled out herself.But help had arrived. She lived.He was taken to court.She had recovered.He was given a life sentence. She grew. He died in the prison due to  liver failure.
She startled.The father was carrying the girl in his arms with her chewing on a candy and her mother moving meekly behind.
She looked down at the scar again.The reminder of how her life had changed overnight.She hadn’t decided to kill herself that night.That wasn’t what she meant when she wanted to end it all.She had just wanted a new start.She had decided to run away that night.It all had ended, anyway.Nothing remained. Just her.The corpse of her old self.She wasn’t that bubbly teenager anymore.Just a breathing vessel.
She had just wanted a new beginning.She had got a horrifying ending.Nightmares and inch long scar is what she had got.That was all she had.Nothing more.



41 thoughts on “Nightmares and inch long scar

    1. Thank you so so much for the sweet words, and for reading my posts.😊:D
      I dunno where this came from,honestly. I had just taken a break from studying and the next thing I knew, I was ready to post it here. 🙂

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