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Like I never left…


So,I visited my school today.It had been a few months. The last time I visited had been the Annual function of my school,where I had received a couple of awards for being the topper, and 100 percentage scorer, and highest marks scorer, and blah blah blah.Also,the campus had been jam-packed that evening.Today,however,since it was after school hours,silence prevailed.No chatter,no bustling, nothing.Not a single kid in sight. None.
You know,I was kinda happy.I was happy for those quite moments, which, let me see…yes!Never existed when I was in school.I mean,I had never seen the school campus so quiet before, and I actually liked the quietness. I know,school is supposed to be bustling with activity,but I liked those peaceful moments with the place I had spent all my life going to.It was actually…nice.You see,I have never been sentimental about my school and friends and stuff. I wasn’t today,either.It’s not about that.But, I just…liked it.


This place,which had been the second home_shall we say?_to me all my life,sure holds some kind of pull.Even if I don’t cry and stuff, when I think about it,sometimes,the memories_good and bad_assault me.I just sit there and think about those fun times,and then those sad times,and the happy times,and…I should probably stop.But you get my drift, right?I mean,I just think about it all.
When I visited this time,some changes had taken place.The school library had been a very fun place for me (as you would probably know if you have read my previous posts,I live/love to read).I mean,I am not the kind of person who spends hours in a library.No, that’s not me.Have never been.But, you see,it was my school library that introduced me to the phenomenon that’s SYDNEY SHELDON. I used to go to the library to issue the Sheldon books,so I could read those during the boring lectures.And during the ride home.And at home.And before I went to sleep. You get my point,don’t you? 😛

Pathway to... Home.

So yeah,the library.It wasn’t there.That whole block was missing.Just the debris.Just that.No, it wasn’t the earthquake.Nothing so sad.It’s just that, that block is being constructed from ground level.I know,that’s kinda a good news.But it’s just that…it made me realise, again, that life is unpredictable. It can change in a matter of seconds,let alone a few months.The place I had loved so much, was nothing more than rubble.Yes,that’s all it was.

Those days...

I spent a few minutes roaming around,going up this staircase,coming down the other. Getting up on the stage I had spent quite a few hours on,preparing for my performances, my debates, speeches,that monologue on Julius Ceaser.I went about the whole campus.

So many times.

Then,it was time to return.I started walking towards the gate.When I was halfway through,I stopped and turned back.I remembered that legendary Catfight in the school ground, those long boring assemblies, those ripped uniform pants,those on-the-spot games our sports teacher invented during the games period.It brought a smile to my face.I turned, and started walking again.When I went through the gates,I didn’t turn back again.
I would be returning.Sometime.Someday.




47 thoughts on “Like I never left…

  1. There were so many things I could totally relate with! And Sidney Sheldon. The man’s a legend!! I’ve never read any book that I liked more than his! And I don’t think I ever will! He opened my eyes to so many things. 💜

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      1. Haha, My mum didn’t allow me to read Sidney Sheldon till I was in 11th!(I’m sure u can guess why!)
        But once I started reading his books, it took me no time to gobble up ALL his books!! 😀 And then when finished reading all of it, I felt so sad! I wish he had written more books. :p

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      2. Hahaha I sure can!:P
        When I told my mumma,she was kinda okay with it because she is an avid reader too,and all.Yay!Lucky me. Haha
        And I see where you’re coming from.The moment I read ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK(my first Sheldon book), I was hooked.That guy’s work is magnificent. His books have something for everybody,don’t you think?
        Now that he’s dead,no more Sheldon coming.But thank god for Tilly Bigshaw.She is the only support at such sad times.*sniffs*

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      3. But no one will be as good as him! Not even tilly bigshaw! Honestly, I didn’t like her that much! My first book was the naked face, by the way! He’s just so good! And for a male author to write SO precisely about a female is so commendable!! His books inspired me. 💜
        Btw I’m a new blogger, and it’s amazing to share a connect with a complete stranger! 😀

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      4. Yeah,she cannot reach the standard Sheldon has set,just as yet.Maybe she never would. He was one of a kind.But atleast,he still lives through his stories.The continuation of “Master of the game” was a relief to me.I wanted the Blackwell legacy to continue.She gave me that.So maybe that’s the reason I like her.:P
        And yes.His work sure depicts his deep understanding of female emotions,thoughts and stuff.(Even though nobody could actually claim to understand a woman :P)
        WordPress does that.You will find so many people who share your way of thinking, your hobbies, your tastes…it’s awesome! 😀

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  2. Oh shit.. I just gave my board exams and am waiting for the results. So yes, I miss my school. So much. But when I think of it, I don’t. I have always been sentimental about all of this. Life moves on…
    Great post 🙂

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    1. Yes,it does.Even though I attended the same school all my life,I never got that urge to cry after it ended.I dunno why.I just didn’t. But still…that place was like a second home.I spent half the days there.So yes,there’s that sense of loss of that “home”.:/
      I don’t exactly miss it.But as I said,those memories return sometimes.:)
      By the way,best of luck for the results! 🍀 🙂

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      1. I get it. My friends laughed at me when I became sentimental on the last day. But school is school. We grew up there. From toddlers to youngsters. That place will always be special 🙂 thanks for your wishes

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  3. I cannot say how I felt exactly…..

    I love my school. And i miss those school days! Myself i have been to my school in the most quite hours….and i had felt the same strange calm and beautiful feel…that you mentioned! It was as if…Your post was kind of a reflection of my own…! I could see myself walking in the ground….through the empty corridors….
    I walked back through the memory lane. I was in my school again!

    Unlike you..i was a bit sentimental about my school..haha….i guess i still am! 🙂 Your post pulled me in a kind of nostalgia, i cannot explain ! I just heart heart heart it!! ♥
    Please please keep posting more….. 🙂

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  4. Miss Violet, Hats off to you. 🙂
    So many medals, I can correlate to a student in my school, she was just like you. On the annual day of school, it would take 10 minutes to announce the medals and rewards for her in various sections.

    Well I can see you gonna do something great some day. I will read all your posts pretty soon. 🙂

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    1. Haha I am not all that great.I am just kinda good at studies.That’s all,believe me.:)
      (Or I used to be,before college happened.-.-) *sighs*
      But yeah,I did receive various awards and prizes during my school life.That much I would admit.*sheepish smile*
      By the way,thank you so much for the sweet words! 😊

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  5. School. Was. Nice. 🙂 But, I’m glad to be able to move on. The idea of college does scare me a bit, though. 😛


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