So,people.This is to bring to your kind notice (formal much?:P) that because of my fast approaching exams,I am gonna be MIA for sometime,most of the time, during the next few weeks.I might check in from time to time,but I am gonna be kinda busy,you know.:P
So,obviously, reduced number of posts, reduced replies,reduced likes. Reduced.Period.
Best wishes are what I need from you, along with patience, ofcourse. So,wish me luck.I really need it.Real bad.Afterall,economics is a pain in the butt.:/
I might pop in now and then,but do pray for me meanwhile, will ya?
And even though I give away “love” very rarely, this sure is the time for some loving.:P lol


P.S.:This one isn’t my click. This one’s my brother’s. 😛


18 thoughts on “MIA

  1. Might start Missing Interesting Actions now. 😛 If the subject is a pain in your butt, just sit on it once a while and you’ll show it some bad pain! Best wishes and great luck. Go ace it!

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