Photography! 📷



Highway to…heaven!❤
This place is just so awesome that I can’t stop myself from posting the pictures of the beautiful views that I came across there.
This highway does lead to heaven.
Uttrakhand and Himachal Pradesh…God!


I personally don’t like hill stations much.I get sick almost everytime the car is moving at an alleviated angle.I puke like nobody’s business.(not a pretty picture,I agree.:/)
So,the puking spree doesn’t allow me to enjoy the scenic beauty much.


Sea shores are more my thing.I have always loved the ocean,ever since I was a 4 year old, and visited Goa(the state with the most beautiful beaches in India).There was that trip,and I was hooked.After that,out of the various plans of family trips to exotic places all around the country,beaches excited me the most.Be it Kanyakumari,Chennai, Hyderabad,Orissa,West Bengal,Daman and Diu,Gujarat,or any other beaches I have visited over the years…The beauty!(overlooking the fact, that even the thought of hill travel makes me wanna puke -.-)
Was getting off the track for a bit there.So,as I was saying,hills haven’t appealed to me much.Now be it Kashmir,Munnar,Mount Abu,Ooty,Darjeeling-well, okay,maybe not Darjeeling-when everybody was squealing due to the exhilaration of climbing the hills,I was trying to keep my breakfast down.THE WORST PART OF MY VACATIONS. -.-
Okay,okay,going off track again.So,this time I didn’t puke.Not even once.I didn’t even get those uncontrollable urges.(I am so thankful:P).So yeah,I actually enjoyed this trip to the hills.And it gave me the opportunity to actually appreciate the beauty the hill stations possess:the green,green hills,beautiful blue sky,curving roads,cluster of trees.It was surreal,to say the least.It was breathtaking.

Green hills.

So,here I am,exhilarated beyond belief, having visited a hill station without puking a single time,and posting pictures like crazy, accompanied by bad,on-the-spot poetry to,maybe, go with them.What genius!*eyeroll*

But whateves. Since I loved those places and views,I just felt that,maybe you people would, too.:D



32 thoughts on “Utopia!

  1. So it seems you do a lot of travels all around India. Since you like Oceans, i recommend you to visit Cox’s Bazar & Saint’s Martin island in Bangladesh. We have got the longest sea-beach in the world here. 🙂


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