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In the wild,
When I roamed free,
Under the trees,
I found thee...

P.S.:How do you like the picture?:D
Actually,I am going to ask this very question for the next few days repeatedly.Reason?I clicked quite a few pictures of the places I visited,and let me tell you,the places would steal your breath.I wasn’t able to do justice to the beauty of the places,but I tried my best.Afterall,a mobile camera is a mobile camera.:P



40 thoughts on “Wild

  1. The picture is pretty good, though I’d have liked it better if it had been clicked from a lower angle, resulting in a view of the road ending at the curve that is seen now. But this is good in its way and I do like it. Good luck 😀

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    1. I would have liked to spend atleast a couple of minutes with the place myself.But since this was a family trip,and we were already behind schedule, because of following the wrong road,I had to click this picture while the driver was reversing the car.No one was ready to stop, even for a second.:/
      This wasn’t the path we were supposed to take.So, we kinda stumbled upon this by accident. And even though I would have liked to atleast get down from the car to take the picture,I am still glad to have come across this.:D

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      1. Sometimes yes 😀 I was all like oh look how beautiful this is, oh look what a strange road to connect two towns and then damn after 15km we’re back where we’ve started, it was riding in a circle 😀


      2. Hahahaha exactly my reaction when I came across that road.I was yapping on and on,about the beauty of the place,how peaceful it was,not a single car in sight,yada yada.
        But then we realised that we had come quite a few kilometres in the wrong direction!:/
        But going round and round?That’s hilarious! 😛

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