Sacred spaces!


So,I visited this place called Ponta Sahib in the state of Himachal Pradesh,India.It’s a gurdwara sat atop a hill,overlooking river Yamuna.Also,there’s this temple of lord Krishna at the river bank.When we finally got down to the river bank,dusk had fallen.The sky had that pretty pink color blending in with the grayish blue.Hills provided that gorgeous background,with the lighted diyas floating away with the slowly flowing waters of Yamuna.The serenity of the place, along with the breathtaking sites!Beautiful!My cousins and I,sat there for a few minutes and just saw the sky change colors.It was mesmerising.


19 thoughts on “Sacred spaces!

  1. Amazing had a similar experience whilst walking on the sand at sunrise as the waves softly lapped at my feet. Thanks for making me remembering it

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