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Elixir of life.

Today,the place I was visiting, had a temple. There was a narrow stream-lookalike. People said that the water flowing in the stream was elixir of life.If you drank a few gulps and washed your hands and legs with it,all your sins would be washed away with the flowing water.Well,I didn’t really believe that. Afterall,what good could a few gulps of elixir do,when death is hovering all around? But, then again,beliefs are beliefs.Strong ones.And in our religion,beliefs are supposed to be sacred. So,there’s that.


                              Elixir of life,
                     it was supposed to be,
                         I couldn’t believe,
                      when death hovered.



66 thoughts on “Elixir of life.

      1. You see, as I said,it’s you who need all the luck “right now”.But the catastrophe that is exams, is going to befall soon, on me as well.So,I appreciate all the best wishes I am getting.:P
        And,what harm could a few extra thank yous do,anyway? 😛


      1. Well,there’s that,and we still have caste system prevailing here. 😒
        There are a number of castes here, and people belonging to backward castes get an advantage over the general category. Can you imagine?*sighs*

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      2. It’s actually based on birth.*grimaces*
        It’s something which has been followed forever in India.Something our forefathers followed,and their forefathers before that.
        I don’t believe in the idea of castes,personally.But it is, what it is. And there are reservations for backward castes in educational institutions and jobs etc.For example,take my case.Since I belong to a general caste,the cutoffs for admission in a good college were quite high for me.I scored 96.2% to get admission in Economics honors in my college. Now, there’s my friend. Since she belongs to a backward caste,the cutoffs for her were significantly low.At 89 point something,she got admission in a college with cutoffs even higher than mine.
        So,you see the injustice?Even though we were in the same school and studied together and stuff,so,it’s not like the backward castes are disadvantaged or something like earlier times.
        It’s very orthodox, but that’s how it works here.:/

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      3. That’s so unjust and unfair. Really, you must expostulate for justice but if it was the wont culture in your country, then what can a SINGLE VOICE say efficaciously in the cacophony and would the government ever listen? But darling, according to a great philosopher, government must protect the people and not run their lives. But cultures and traditions if practiced are like irrevocal decisions; those are final!

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      4. As I said,its been going on since forever.And it has been a part of our mentality, as much as it has been a pressure due to the culture.And we do have democracy here.It’s just something which is like embedded in people’s head.Sometimes voices have been raised,but nothing ever comes out of it.
        But,times are changing, maybe.There’s a rumor going around that the government is going to reduce the percentage of proportion from the next academic year.So,let’s see.


      5. Fortunately, we have our Basic Accounting background when we were in fourth year high school. But, quota is something really scary. 100 + enrollees for a semester and then 1/3 of the population will fail to beat the quota grade.


      6. Shit, that does sound scary.
        Here, at the time of admission,various quotas come in to play.And the deserving candidates don’t even get to take admission. It’s kinda different than your quota system.:/
        I am thankful we don’t have it here.

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