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Greed is…good?

Unbelievable! :/

Greed is good?
It works?
Well,I never thought of…that.:/
Never saw this coming,really.*sighs*



17 thoughts on “Greed is…good?

  1. This is interesting. But… It is obvious that greed is good. Everything that happens, everything that is done always has its respective pros and cons! These lines show how greed helps, while someone else’s may show how it doesn’t! Interesting but not surprising! Life is always two-faced, and i believe, to be wise, we must learn how both look and speak.

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  2. Greed like all power, is a balancing act…like all power there is good in it. Yet evil in lies in it’s excess, the over kill of greed is wrong, and that it can be used as a powerful driving force doesn’t make it good. Want, need, passion…these concepts are not greed. Greed is the evil that lies within the excess of any of these. Greed is taking more than you can morally justify, taking more while leaving another party with less…like the idea, just can’t see greed as a force for good. Loll


    1. I had similar thoughts when I first read it. I couldn’t wrap my head around the thing that greed can be good.But then,someone reminded me that like everything in life,greed,too,has two faces:one good and one bad.Like every other thing cannot just be right, or wrong, if we believe in it,similarly, greed too,can come off as right or wrong.Yes,excess of everything,and anything,is obviously wrong.But,the idea got planted in my head that, maybe,just maybe,greed isn’t all that bad,afterall.:/

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