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Accept it.Move on.

Accept it...move on!

And that damn well sucks,now does it not?
It’s something which we could give a proof of,in the blink of an eye. But that’s just how the world rolls.And we learn to. :/
Shit, is what,it is. Learn to deal with it,instead of cribbing.You would be happier in the long run.It’s the reality:of life,of humans,of us.Our reality.Our nightmare.But accepting is all we can do.And moving on,ofcourse. Cribbing won’t get you far.Learn to go with the flow.Learn to accept shit you are faced with.Learn to move on.



26 thoughts on “Accept it.Move on.

  1. Ok, I’m trying to move on and forget the people who despised me. Here, in wordpress you can write and vent and there comes the screeching relief. WordPress has provided me the outlet of my ire, ecstacy, anger and inspiration. Here, approval is not a requisite. You scribble, play with words and weave articles and put emotions on them as we publish them. First, you get relieved and second and our priceless salary is you get to be appreciated by many people in the cosmos created by writers.

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  2. Yes whatever points are listed are true if we see life practically. But if you want to come out of your struggling period , you need to have a positive mindset. Give some time and things will change for better:)

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  3. True!But be kind and help people!Maybe they will turn into good friends!But sometimes,I realy don’t like to waste my time on people who don’t respect me at all!You are apsoluty right!


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