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To belong.

The moment she laid eyes on that old book,she knew she wouldn’t be able to go back.It was the connection which had been missing all these years.She wouldn’t be able to retreat this time.She knew it.Very well,actually.It was fate.Definitely fate.How else would that very book suddenly appear at her doorstep after so long?The old, torn book with the dilapidated cover, covered in her scribbles;the very book she never let get away from her;the same one, the significance of which she hadn’t understood until recently.It had been important to her.Her most prized possession during all the years she had known her.She caressed it like a long lost friend.It was the only connection; the last connection she had to the dearest soul that had departed two years go.It was the key.It had to be.The last hope to disclose all those long buried secrets, which would ruin countless lives if not discovered. She had to do this.She was the last hope the people she had come to care so deeply about, had of survival.Lives of so many people had become interwoven in such a short span of time.She had to do this.She had to.She couldn’t let her sacrifice go to waste. She would make her proud.Yes.She would be so proud of her after she did this. I have to do this for her,she thought.Then maybe she would love me like I have always wanted.Maybe she would claim me as her own, if only in death.Oh my!How long have I dreamt for her to claim me.How long have I wanted to belong,she reminisced. She would definitely accept me after I do this.I would have someone who cared about me.I would have someone who would be proud of me.I would have someone.How great would that be?Lost in the ifs and would-be’s;the slim chance she had of succeeding;the single ray of hope she could see far away,she smiled for the first time,in what felt like forever.She smiled.She might be fine,afterall.



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