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She…no more.

She sat in the corner ,staring at the opposite wall.She looked lost in thought.She was.Lost in the past.Her past.Their past. Remembering the little details:The way she laughed,the way the left corner of her mouth always pulled up a little more than the right one when she smiled,her playful eyes,the mischievous giggle,the childlike innocence,her sing-song voice,her excessive, but cute, hand gestures when she talked,her stubbornness, her wish to stand out;to be unique, to never follow the regular norms of the girl world,to ALWAYS have an opinion about stuff she had no clue about.She always had to have a say.ALWAYS.Not anymore.No more.She was no more.
The sense of loss she felt, overwhelmed her.Shivers raked through her body, and she started weeping quietly.She had lost her.The part of her that had always been the most important element of her existence,no longer existed.It was no more.
And then,the guilt!It paralyzed her.Her back stiffened and her eyes grew wide.Everytime she thought about her,the overpowering guilt took its turn, and everytime it hit her,it was like a foreign feeling.Every single freaking time!The impact of the guilt over her loss was a new emotion, everytime she took a peek into the past.She was familiar with the feeling by now,but the powerful emotion overtook her everytime, with its power, tenfold.
She succumbed to the loud,body shaking sobs which were trying to take over, since the walk down the memory lane.She wished with all her might for her to return.She couldn’t do this alone. She needed her,Goddammit! She wasn’t strong enough.She needed to hear her laugh, one more time.She needed to see her smile, one more time.She needed for her to give her opinion,one more time.She needed to hear her voice, one last time.She needed her.Period.
But she wouldn’t come back.She wouldn’t return.She was gone. She was at the point of no return.She was no more.No more.She…no more.



28 thoughts on “She…no more.

    1. Maybe:P
      See,when I started writing,I had this image of two sisters in my mind.But as the piece progressed, I realised that it feels like she is reminiscing about another person,who was actually a part of her,you know,like alter-ego;she used to be that way,laughing,smiling,opinionated, lively. But now,due to circumstances, maybe,she is this whole other self.You getting it?:/
      Maybe I am not making any sense at all.*sighs*

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    1. I know right? That’s exactly what I was thinking while writing this down. Whenever something happens that we do not want to remember,we create an alter ego to deal with it.I once read a novel where the protagonist had two alters.:/


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