Another Couple of Awards!:D #Versatile Blogger


Versatile blogger?Me? haha
Well,I was nominated by and
Thank you so much for the nomination, Nidhi and Soumya!♥
Yeah.So,7 facts about me?
Well here goes nothing.

⚫I am lazy.And I love my “lazy”.:P
I mean,I can spend the whole day lying in my bed without the urges to get up and move around.Well,almost.Nature’s calls cannot be ignored, now can they? lol

⚫I have never been a fan of writing.I mean,I have never disliked it, as per say,but reading is what always got me.I love to read.😍

⚫I have read a1000 books,so far.Well, approximately. 😛

⚫Despite reading the number of books I have mentioned, I do have a social life,you know.Even though it would seem impossible.:P

⚫I have got the “awesomest” family ever!Believe me on that.:D:)

⚫Possessiveness gets on my nerves.A friend of mine is so damn possessive I feel like strangling her.I am like,”WHAAAAAAA?YOU ARE NOT MY BOYFRIEND, DUDE!CALM THE HELL DOWN !”She is irritating me to no end, nowadays.I am thankful for the preparation leave and the reprieve it has given me.~_~

⚫I have mentioned it time and again,and I am gonna do it one more time.I love CONTROL.I don’t let anyone order me around.They don’t try to.And whoever tries?Well,let’s just say,they deserve the verbal beating,and more.:|
That’s my reasoning.I don’t care if anybody disagrees.-.-

So,that’s 7.:)

Now as for the nominations.I nominate:

All the nominees!
I should tell you the rules now.
First of all,give the link and name of the blogger who nominated you, in your post.
Secondly,give 7 facts about you.
And lastly,nominate 15 new bloggers for the same.

As for my nominations,since these award thingies are about promoting new blogs /bloggers and I strongly believe in the purpose,all I have nominated are the new bloggers.And they all are awesome!Trust me on that.:D



10 thoughts on “Another Couple of Awards!:D #Versatile Blogger

    1. I’m so sorry Maggie,but you need to be nominated for making such a post.
      But if I remember correctly,I nominted you for this very award not very long ago.Check out my post for the rules,and you can make this post,afterall.
      Happy blogging:D


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