A couple more! #Leibsters :D


Leibster.Here it is,again.And it’s still as thrilling as before.Even more so,I guess.:D
I have been nominated by https://kshubhit.wordpress.com/ and https://wevegotthefire.wordpress.com/
Thank you so much for the nominations, Shubhit and Ronnie! 😀

Here are the answers to Shubhit’s questions:

What’s the philosophy of your life?
Life is unpredictable. So I am,too.:D
It’s a fabulous feeling,let me tell you.People not knowing how you would react, their fearing your reactions.You should know,I love control.And unpredictability gives me that.That makes me weird, I guess.But that’s how it is for me.:/

Five advices you would give to your future self?
(I am going to give the advice as if it’s another person I am talking to,and not my virtual future self.That’s just plain weird.*shudders*)
Do not TRUST people.Otherwise,they will give you more reasons not to.
Do not let others tell you what to do.You are happy being your own master, aren’t you?
Put people, who are in the wrong, in their places as you’ve always done.Childhood memories,and all that.:P
Never delay the shit you know you can’t escape from. College taught you that,remember?
Learn to adjust a bit.Always antagonizing people and getting on their cases,just because they didn’t adjust to your whims and demands,won’t get you far.
But who knows?Antagonizing is fun,afterall. 😛

How did you get into writing?
I am confused.:/
Well,as for writing-writing,I have been writing since…I dunno.I mean,I have always had something or the other related to writing going on.Some months it was journaling.Other times?Poetry or something.(Even though it never made much sense. :/)
As for blog-writing,someone suggested I start a blog.So, I did.(Even though I don’t listen to others that easily.)
Check out my first post, I am lost . Might give you an idea behind this blog business.And the ABOUT page, ofcourse.

Which genre of books do you like to read and why?
Suspense/Mystery/Thriller.Without a doubt.You ask me why?It’s awesome!That’s why.No more explanation is required.
Even though I should mention that I like subtle mysteries.The Sherlock’s-magnifying glass-following the suspects approach just doesn’t do it for me.:/
Sydney Sheldon is Love. 😍

A book you read and thought ‘I could have wrote that better’?
Well,I dunno.Everyone has a different style of writing.
But ,to be honest, not many classics hold my interest.They bore me,as simple as that.I cannot connect /relate to them because of the time gap.Their problems,their happiness.It is all so unrelatable.And their situations!*exasperated*
But I cannot ask to rewrite them just because I find them boring,now can I? Can I?-.-

A book/author that (who) is overrated?
Fifty Shades of Grey.-.-
I feel that,had the obsession been with something else instead of BDSM,it would have been a hit.Even though it’s still a hit,I guess.
Also,I don’t get why people are obsessed with Ravinder Singh.I am not into lovestories,so maybe that’s the reason.But…I dunno.:/

Three books you would want to suggest for Reading.
Three?THREE?! For the life of me,I cannot suggest three books outta the hundreds I have read.
Vagueness in play…
Anything by SYDNEY SHELDON. Without a doubt.
Abbi Glines.(Even though her books can’t be put under the mystery/suspense/thriller category, they still have that element of secrets.:D)
The ‘Fall Away’ series is my current favorite.Waiting for the last installment.Waiting…

What are loopholes in your writing that you want to remove?
I have no idea.I don’t show my writing to anybody in the real world.So,no comments, whatsoever.And I can’t give definite answers when it comes to my observations of something.:/
So,my readers would have to answer that.:)

What’s the best & worst part of your personality?
I never miss a class in college if I am in town.NEVER.
I am lazy.I love sleep.I can spend the whole day lying down with my blankie wrapped tight,and not ask for anything more.
Lol I know.It’s intentional,believe me.:P

Feedback for my blog(constructive criticism is always welcome in place of praises)?
Well,as I wrote a couple of questions back,I am not good with observations and shit.So,you would have to rely on your readers(other than me,I mean *sighs*)like I do mine.
But I especially like your piece about Vandalism.It’s an interesting approach.:D

And here are yours Ronnie!:D

Why did you start writing?
I have already answered this one above.See my level of “lazy”? 😛

Have you ever thought of publishing your own book?
Oh yes!Loads of time,actually!
My friends and I, planned on writing a novel all the time, during the school days.But it wasn’t a serious thought.It was just for laughs,I guess.:/
Also,my brother and I planned to write a book about an imaginary vacation we went on with our extended family:All the cousins and aunts and uncles and grandmas, you know.It was all an elaborate fantasy about a road trip on a bus.Well,a modified bus with the seats taken off, and loads of beds and couches as a replacement.It was supposed to be an all-around-India kinda fantasy.:P
But,we never actually started.:/


What do you love doing the most?
Nothing.Nothing at all. lol
What I love most is when college’s off and I get to come home and do nothing all day.I am very lazy,you should know.I love my blankie and my bed and my family.What else do you need anyway huh?:P

If a less privileged, slum dweller came up to you asking for food,not money food what would you do?
I would buy him some.As simple as that.You should never refuse someone for food.On the other hand,had it been money,I would straight away refuse.That’s just not right.:|

Have you ever donated anything?
Yes.On my birthday every year,my parents and I,visit an orphanage in my town and we bring those sweet little souls the everyday stuff:Food items,milk to last a few days,clothes etc.You cannot even begin to guess the amount of satisfaction and happiness it gives me.:)
Also,I have always wanted to donate blood.I turned 18 some months ago,but as I am on heavy medications, I cannot do it right now.But as soon as it’s possible,I am gonna do it.It’s the least I can do.😄

Do you think people should fall in love or spread love in general?If yes,then why so?
I don’t believe in love.

Name that one thing you really want to do but are very scared to?
Actually,I can mention quite a few.
Scuba diving.It sounds so damn exciting!But since I dunno how to swim,the thought terrifies me.Maybe once I learn to swim,the fear would go away.:/
Travelling solo.~_~
The list is endless…

What calms you down?
Talking to my ma.
Lying down in my bed with the earphones plugged in.
Being on my own for sometime.

What should be the last line of your biography?
I would have a biography?!*shocked*
Well,the last line should be something along the lines of:”I am weird ,but still awesome ,aren’t I?Why don’t you let go of your inhibitions and try the weirdness too?”
lol I dunno, actually!That was a joke.JOKE, OKAY?:P

Feedback for my blog,please?xx
Well,as I have mentioned before,I am no good with observations.*sighs*
So,you would have to rely on your other readers ,as I do mine.*sheepish smile*

That’s all I guess.I seriously cannot think of any new “witty” questions.The first one took quite a bit of my “wittiness” and “humor”.It’s a dry spell right now.:P
Anyway,thanks again for the nominations, Shubhit And Ronnie!:D



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