The Wise!


I believe that,with age comes wisdom .When you have taken shit from the world,when you have tolerated tremendous amounts of pain and hurt,when you have faced troubles head-on,when you have had your share of joy, only then can you claim to be wise.Because experience teaches you:To be happy in the face of calamity.To smile when nothing seems to go right.To laugh when someone else needs a ray of light.To cry when you feel like it.To own up to shit you are responsible for.To be proud of your achievements.To be proud of others.The Wise have been through it all;they have seen it all;they have faced it all.

And, here I am,with just 18 years of “experience” trying to pretend to know something about life.Well,let me tell you very clearly,I don’t think I have a right to talk about shit, I have no experience with, as if I have any idea.As if I have been through it.But I do it  anyway. Because my work as a human is to try to share my bit of knowledge;to give advice as I have heard it,as I have seen it.Because,you never know when that passed on advice might help someone.

I am not a wannabe. I am just an 18 year old, who believes that whatever ways she can help in,she should, without worrying about the consequences ;the impacts.Maybe I’m wrong to think that way,but that’s just how it is for me.I make no apologies for who I am or for the way I am.And I don’t plan to start anytime soon. (Remember?)



8 thoughts on “The Wise!

  1. Hello, I have recently started blogging and would like to know how to use the site. I have made a few posts but there was no views or comments, so is there anyway in which I can understand whether bloggers are reading my posts or not? Also there are weekly contests …how can I participate in them? Actually I have been reading your posts from a little while…and I like them very much….so I thought to ask you. Thank you!


    1. See,first of all,check your stats page.It shows if people are actually viewing your posts or not.That’s the only way to actually know if people are viewing your posts or not,other than responding by liking or commenting,ofcourse.
      About the weekly contests… Well to be honest, what I think is,they are just contests started by other bloggers. So,to know about those,you need to check their sites regularly and do as required.If you’re actually talking about the Leibsters and Versatile blogger awards etc,they are just chain awards where you are nominated by others to answer questions and give facts etc. So you cannot actually do anything about it.Sorry.
      And lastly, a very big ‘Thank you so much’ for the sweet words.:D
      It’s no problem at all.(:

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