We want a house, a car, a fancy freaking vacation, and prestige, so what do we do? We go to school, and we get jobs we hate, to pay for the things we want. We deal with people we don’t like and waste years of our lives sitting in stark, fluorescent-lit rooms and listening to co-workers who bore us, so we can pay for a small amount of precious time to enjoy what makes us happy. To achieve a fraction of our lives just feeling as if it was all worth it.
       We sacrifice to earn.



34 thoughts on “{Sacrifices}

  1. We all need to take more time off work and just enjoy our family, friends, and ourselves!!! The moments we remember most are the ones less expensive-simple, happy, shared moments! Hours are long, but years are short; enjoy life with as many positive people you can. Follow me or my son’s book blog at Readwithmeromancenovels.wordpress.com

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      1. Wow thank you so much for the nomination! 😀
        That’s so great!
        But tell me something.Since I been nominated for the Versatile blogger award a couple of times already,and I made a post about it just a couple of days back,do you mind if I just add your link to that very post for now, and when I can think of new facts about me,I make a post then?I seriously can not think of new facts right now. *sighs*
        I don’t mean to offend you.Do tell me if you feel that way.


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