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I hate.

The fire of hatred...burns,burns,burns.

I really hate turning corners.
I hate closed doors.
I hate not seeing the path ahead.
I hate pretense.
I hate hypocrisy.
I hate uncertainty.
I hate.



35 thoughts on “I hate.

      1. Hahaha well,I don’t have any tips or tricks up my sleeve,as per say.But the only advice I give to every new blogger who asks for it is,tag your posts well.ALWAYS.WITHOUT FAIL.Because that’s how readers find posts of their interests.:)
        Also,write what you want to,not stuff which is popular or whatevs.Because posts which come from the bottom of your heart because they are awesome. 😊
        A bit over-dramatic huh?😜

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      2. Well,I would like to keep the anonymity,if you don’t mind.You know,this blog is a separate part of my life.No one in the outer world knows about it.NO ONE.
        But how about this?When I start an account/page for my blog,I would surely contact you.:)
        Till then,you can email me at ilovetoread003@gmail.com if you have any queries. 🙂

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