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                    “It is easier to forgive an
                     enemy than to forgive a
                             ~William Blake



86 thoughts on “Friend?!:/

  1. It ain’t easy but necessary anyway…
    You jes have to ignore their mistakes nd tag ’em as “behaviour outta ignorance”…for if they knew the real deal,they wouldn’t do what they did…
    Bottom line: be strong,learn from it,forgive and move on…

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    1. But there’s a certain limit, which,when crossed,leads to disastrous results.*temper issues, temper,tempppeerr,temm…*
      And that strength and forgiveness aren’t always in the hand’s_err_mind’s reach.*sighs*

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      1. Build it…
        Learn to make make excuses for people…especially those who hurt you or are yet to…
        Wanna know a trick? Forgive in advance…
        The idiot would eventually realise he/she has screwed up once he/she sees their mistake/effort didn’t get to you…

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      2. But people out there?*sighs*
        The problem is,they never really realise that they are in the wrong!I am not obliged to just forgive them and go on as if nothing’s wrong.
        They are in my life,not because they wanted to,but because I have allowed them to.They should learn to treasure that.Because,personally?I don’t allow people the entry pass just like that.If they are there, there’s a reason.And if they don’t? They are out even before they can utter fast!
        I know.I am weird like that.:/

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      3. Everybody thinks in different ranges so not everyone would see a white cloth as white…some would definitely call it cream…
        U cannot blame ’em…if they don’t hurt you one way or the other,your life isn’t complete…
        A friend is 85 percent only an enemy who hasn’t had a chance to strike yet so cheer up cute one…it simply shows you’ve gotten somewhere…

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      4. True that! 👆
        Well,I cannot say I am gonna follow that piece of advice.I hold grudges.I know, it’s not something I should be so calm about,but I do.:/
        And that’s the reason people become my friends when I want them to.Not because others/situations expect me to.
        Check out my blogpost titled “She is not my friend”,if you may.It would give you an inkling about my “standoffishness”.
        You do not want to piss me off.*Evil laugh* Trust me.👿

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      5. OOOOOOOOOH mummy I’m so scared…lmao…
        Cocky isn’t such a bad word for a complimentary remark you know…
        Little baby Violet…blehhhhhhhh😝😝😝


      6. No.Who told you that?Insults are insults.Period.😶
        And stop with the endearment terms.I hate it.Seriously.😑
        No kidding here.
        You can call me Violet or whatevs.Or call me “A”. Apologies,if it’s a bit rude.😶

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      7. Don’t kill nobody without me anyway…or at least send me a video or the person half dead so I can murder his/her other half…hehe
        Ion like being cheated…


      8. Implying that someone is a supernatural being,or being asked if they are real(because they are so awesome :P)?
        I would take that over being complimented about stupid stuff, any day!
        Because that’s awesome.AWESOME,I tell you.😁
        What did I tell you?Weird. And proud of it.😎

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      9. Not when I’m gonna bully the truth outta you without hesitation…
        By the way,I know there’s a soft spot somewhere behind the titanium you bring to the table and I’m sure gonna find it even if it’s gonna cost me working to acquire superman’s x-ray vision…👀


      10. Even words convey character…
        I mostly use endearing words cuz I’m the type to tolerate and live through whatever(that’s if I notice at all),so through your words I can tell,the imagery you easily create in your statements is enough proof.

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