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This is something I wrote at two in the morning a few months back.I wasn’t actually mourning for some recent loss,but the overflowing feelings I felt at that time poured onto the paper,and before I knew,it turned out to be two stanzas of turmoil,pain,tears and finally,hope!

After the endless night...sun rises,home I reach!
After the endless night…sun rises,home I reach!

At 8’o clock,
When home,I reach
My double personality,
Falls down in a heap.
I’m no longer trying to hide,
The pain that’s constantly there in my eyes.
My soul is bared for all to see.
During the day,
My lips smile while my heart weeps.

Now my soul’s shroud flies away,
I cry cry cry,
Throughout the night,
The darkness melts away.
Slowly the night passes,
And when dawn breaks,
I have nothing left to hide.
My naked-raw soul has mourned enough!



8 thoughts on “Mourning

      1. Pleasure is mine 🙂 I’d love it if you could go through my blog and my latest piece especially. All the feedback that can I get will mean a lot! Thanks 🙂

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