It’s 100 now!

100 now!

Well Well Well
If this isn’t a Surprise.
Just two days ago I made a post about receiving 50 followers on WordPress. That was quite an achievement for me as this blogging business is a separate part of my life.No one, and I stress NO ONE, from the outer world knows about my blog.Not even a single soul.So,I was quite a bit happy when the numbers reached 50.
But this?This is freaking awesome, man!I have surpassed the “100” mark in just two days! That means more than 50 follows in 2 days!
It feels fictional to me.My feelings are all over the place right now.I never expected to gain any readers when I started blogging a couple of months ago.
And now?I cannot imagine life without you all.
You people have become, like a family to me (and let me tell you my family is fabulous, FABULOUS. So you all are, too!). Haha
All of you are amazing, people!
And I am thankful for it.
So…a big freaking THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Love xx


54 thoughts on “It’s 100 now!

    1. No problem. 🙂
      As for the followers,if you just want to see the numbers,you can go to the bottom of your stats page. Or your own site. There,just below your blog’s name will be your followers.
      Or if you want to see who all are following you,you can go to the add tag option(it’s the one at the top right corner when you checkout which all tags you’re following).


  1. thank you so much for your help, wanderingviolet 🙂
    I’m may I have a favor, can I first send you my first post, and tell if that’s okay, or what because I’m getting nervous in posting something:(


    1. I know exactly what you’re talking about. For the last couple of months (since I started blogging), I recieved a random follow here,a random follow there.Only in the last week have the numbers ascelated,more so in the last couple of days. So,do not fret, fellow blogger. You will get there.Patience is the key. 😀
      By the way,thank you so much! 😛

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    1. Hahaha no secret to tell,actually.In the beginning, I didn’t regularly login or post stuff.So,I received random follows here and there.In the last couple of weeks, I have actually tried to make an effort with my blog. And _WHAM_I see that people actually like what nonsense I post.So,maybe,it’s not all that nonsensical, afterall.:’D

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