Yayayayayay! 50!


50 follows!50!
That too,in a couple of months!
Well,that’s a total surprise!
I mean,as I have mentioned time and again,I started this blog because of my need for introspection.To vent out,to babble,to talk nonsense,to write anything ,everything, whatever.I have mentioned so many times that I am not writing this blog for anyone else’s pleasure,but mine.It’s not in my nature to share things and express my feelings with anyone.Trust issues,remember?

But still…you people have connected with me,my blog and have liked, and commented on my idiotic stuff.Thank you so much.Thank you so much for it all.
You all are awesome!

Love xx


26 thoughts on “Yayayayayay! 50!

    1. First things first.Thank you.:)
      Welcome to the blogging world.:D
      Well,the most important thing I have learned in the couple of months as a blogger is,always tag your posts well.ALWAYS.Without fail.No extra or unnecessary tags,just the required ones.That helps the readers find the posts of their interest.
      That’s probably the only relevant piece of advice I have. 😛
      Moreover, write whatever you feel like.Without hesitancy. Because our fellow bloggers are awesome!
      Hope you have an amazing experience. Welcome,again.:D

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