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Unanswered pleas!


Oh why does this have to be this way?
Why? Why?Why?
Why am I so confused?
Why do I not find a muse?
Why do I feel so much?
Why do I not do much?
Why do I feel everyone’s out to get me?
Why don’t I trust even me?
Why don’t I have answers?
Why don’t I get that hard work conquers?
Why,oh why?
Will no one answer my questions?
Will my plea always be unanswered?


8 thoughts on “Unanswered pleas!

      1. Trust me, you will. I have been there but a warning: you will have answers to previous queries and more questions for the future to find answers to so its all a confusion. However, this is what life is. :))

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      2. Haha well,that atleast tells me that there’s hope.Hope to find the answers to my current questions, and hope to be able to find the answers to the new queries that arise with time.That just means,that I am gonna find the answers eventually.And for now,that’s enough.:)
        Thank you. ♥

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