An urge so strong!

I have never been much of a photographer (maybe I suck,I dunno),just taking pictures at the numerous trips I have taken with the folks.But I dunno what got into me today,I felt like clicking a few.So that’s exactly what I did.The urge was strong…so ofcourse I had to act upon it.How could I not? It started with the flower.My roomie and I went for a walk in the evening and I suddenly saw a tree with the beautiful fuchsia flowers.I couldn’t resist picking one-off. imageThis will was one of the first pictures I took.

A bit of editing,here and there! 😉

And then I just started clicking pictures of random stuff I could find in my drawer.My faux spectacles,a beaded string,the view of a tree with almost bare branches waiting for spring to take over, visible from the window of my room:you name it.

Window to the soul…bare,bare!

This tree is beautiful, as it awaits spring…even with only a handful of leaves!
I believe life comes full circles,as decided by the supreme powers in the beginning, no matter what!
A quote from a book I was recently reading.Love it!♥
A copper bangle, I love to wear ;anytime,anywhere!
A copper bangle, I love to wear ;anytime,anywhere!
I love the idea of infinity.Dunno why.I just do. 🙂

I don’t actually know if these…things are even worth calling pictures or not.So,I tried a bit of editing. I have no idea if I am successful or not. If anyone with any tips /views/comments stumble upon my “work”(that’s hilarious,writing it down),do tell me.I really would appreciate it.(I know,I know,that’s not something I generally mention in my posts,but hey, situations like these ask for desperate measures). So yeah,this is a random collection of pictures with no theme whatsoever.I just loved the idea,so here they are!



3 thoughts on “An urge so strong!

  1. Photography is also one way of expressing one’s self. Loved your creativity in the images. Good job! 🙂 I’d say you should keep it up, photography changes the way one sees the world. Its an amazing experience, and addictive too! 🙂

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