Would you really want to know?
Would you really want to know?

I completed this novel titled “when” in the wee hours of the morning.It is about a girl who sees people’s deathdates hovering on their foreheads.At first she doesn’t realise what the black digits mean.But when her father dies on the exact date which she sees on his forehead,she realises what “gift” she has been “blessed” with.
The story is a crime thriller which I couldn’t help but complete in one go.The mystery kept me hooked. But even though I loved the book,there was a part of me which was kind of afraid, and that’s saying something because not many things frighten me,you know.But yes,there was a nagging voice at the back of my mind.
I wasn’t actually terrified of the story.It was the theme.I mean,I logically know that no such thing is possible.But still, it got me thinking. Long after I completed the novel,I was lying in my bed pondering over this thought, that if,say someone could actually predict your last day,would you want to know?Would that make you feel better, knowing your deathdate beforehand?I guess,some people might feel that it would be better, so that they could prepare.Mentally,Emotionally,Physically.
But, maybe,just maybe,it would be better that you know nothing of the sort?You continue to live in that sweet,sweet oblivion and one day,WHAM, you go,unexpectedly.
This is actually something which,I guess, if not many,atleast a few people must have given a thought.Ofcourse it would be awesome to know some dates of significance.Happy dates.The book ends at such a note.The protagonist sees happy dates.

But the question remains the same.
Would you want to know when the last day of your existence would be?
           Would you like to live in oblivion?



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