Luncheons and celebrities!

Apologies for the dry spell.But, you know,I have been quite busy.I’m serious people.No kidding.*snorts* So yeah,as I was saying,I have been quite busy.The reason being,I had a get together at my place.Well, not my place exactly,but my mumma’s bestie’s place.But you know how it is;her place, my place.Same thing(almost). *winks* So I spent the first few days trying to help organise everything for the luncheon (Har har,I did try),and then the day before, attending it.It was actually awesome,what with meeting people I haven’t seen in about only a century.Yes,it was awesome. Aaaand what do I find when I reach college today?Mob of people (girls, to be specific), ready to kill each other for…yeah,here it comes…a glimpse, mind it,a glimpse of a very famous celebrity who had come to my college.Yes.I went there with the intention of attending classes and I find a horde of girls trying to climb on each others’ back. And after being there for just a couple of minutes,rumors start flying that he is about to come out of the hallway.And guess what?I didn’t even get a glimpse!Not even of a single hair of his.None. My friend and I are left standing there, trying to find a way to get in the auditorium with no way in.We roam the college grounds to find some way…and we find none.Nada. And then after half an hour,we hear that his Audi is parked at so and so gate,and obviously we waited there because he would have to come to his car to go back.I know,I am intelligent. :p Aaaand after that long,long wait I saw him.Not only saw him,but he climbed onto his car and waved,and flew kisses.Yes,he did.Okay,it was me and only a couple hundred girls,but still.And the best part is…there were no classes! So I am not a huge fan of any of the celebrities,but a celebrity is a celebrity.And a day which was supposed to be a very boring one,turned out to be an amazing day!



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