The sweet fruit of patience!

A long,long wait...for that one sweet taste!

Everytime I have to return to college;everytime I have to leave home ;everytime I have to travel for more than three hours, away from home,I feel a sense of loss.Yes,loss.I know, I know I am going away for my own good;to learn,for my betterment,but…I don’t know.

It’s like someone has asked me to give away a limb.Weird,I know.Because teenagers all around wait for the day they will be free.Everybody, I guess,wants to live their life on their own terms.They want a place of their own.Not me. I am weird,I know.

I love the comfort of home;of my hometown, of bickering with my brother,of homecooked food,of late night television,of waking up after noon,of lying under my quilt whole day…I love it all. But the best part of it all is…my ma-papa.The knowledge that I can kiss my ma,whenever I want.The ability to hug my papa, whenever I feel like it.Yes,I love this,and everything else.

So,you see where I am coming from?I don’t want to leave this comfort for any sort of ‘betterment’ or whatever.No matter how it would benefit me,I don’t wanna go away again.

*sigh* But it’s inevitable.I have to go back  the day after.No point denying it.*sigh again*

So I am just going to enjoy this remaining visit and then go back…and wait for the next one.That’s all I can do,isn’t it?And haven’t we heard our elders say,”The fruit of patience is so very sweet!“?

So…I will just wait to eat this sweet,sweet fruit. Afterall,I have a sweet tooth. *wink*



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