The Midnight Partyyy!�

My roomies and I,decided to have a party of sorts.Well,it wasn’t exactly a party…it’s just that all of us felt the craving to eat something delicious.Yes.It was a craving for food.Not because we didn’t have dinner… but because “our minds weren’t satisfied with the food,even if our bellies were“.so…yes,we decided to eat noodles.Yeah,the-out-of-packet type, two minute noodles.And then it forged into hot and sour soup…and then throw in a couple of mouthwatering cookies…and yes,a hot, spicy packet of oats.And we had a partyyy!

Yeah,yeah.Not exactly a party,I know.But with nonsense conversations,gossiping and sharing the hilarious moments of the day we have had,it was a blast.

So,it got me thinking…if the most important ingredient of a good time is just great company? Or was it just tonight?!;)



4 thoughts on “The Midnight Partyyy!�

    1. An amazing post idea indeed!When you write about something which is close to your heart,the piece turns out to be fabulous.Same is true for your piece.The songs is heartbreaking,to say the least.
      And I seriously do hope that you find that melody. 🙂
      Best wishes for your future blogging experience!

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